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60 Minutes Cash Advances - Have the Cash You Need Now!

Written By onci on Saturday, October 12, 2013 | 8:17 AM

60 Minutes Cash Advances - Have the Cash You Need Now!
In today's economic climate, there are sometimes situations where funds are required fast for a short period of time. Cash advances allow consumers to receive small amounts of money within sixty minutes without the same level of scrutiny as a bank loan. In return for the expedited approval, the lender requires paying back the funds within a shorter window, usually by the client's next payday. However, when searching for a quick way to get money, it is important to research the different companies offering these services, in order to secure the best terms.

Before the advent of the internet, applying for a cash advance was a lengthy process. It required making a trip to an office with your identification and paycheck stubs. While the use of fax machines made visits to the loan office less common, there could still be a lengthy delay while personal details were verified.

The internet has now revolutionized this process, with approval times cut from days to only an hour. Personal details can often be quickly verified electronically, without sending in additional documentation. As the ease of requesting a short term loan has grown, so has the importance of selecting the best lender for your personal situation. Many factors can impact your choice of provider. While finding the lowest available interest rate is important, it is also necessary to check the fine print of your contract to avoid extra fees or unduly punitive late payment fines. Additionally, check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the providers are properly licensed, and have no complaints lodged against them for dishonest business practices. The longer that a particular provider has been doing business, the better, as continued operations usually increases the odds that previous clients were treated fairly.

When discussing the cash advance with the provider, confirm whether they are the direct lender, as this will lower the fees being charged for commissions. Also confirm the need for any special terms, such as loans for clients without a checking account, and also the availability of instant approval and same day deposit.

Cash advances can often be the quickest source of needed money, if the funds are only for a short period, and there is an expectation that the money will be repaid on time. Careful research of the different companies will help clients make the best choice of lender for approval in under sixty minutes.

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